The bell is one of the oldest musical instrument in the world. Unconditionally bells have their own peculiarities in different countries. In Russian the word “bell” is spoken like “kolokol”. The etymology of this word dates back to the Old Indian word “kalakalas”, that means “noise”, “shouts”. In Greek the word “kaleo” means “call”. The Roman Catholics said “kalare”, that meant “to assemble”.

Ringing of bells makes always the feeling of magic strength, wizardry and mystery. This impression is made not so much by clam as by clash of the bell. Bells, which played a certain role in Russian history have given occasion to many beautiful legends.

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The foundry in Voronezh cast on a by-order basis church belfries- a church bell set of 5,6 or 7 bells. If you have questions about the order or if you need a consultation, please call +7 (473) 200-70-26

Our foundry keeps carefully traditions of masters of the past. The whole gathered experience of bronze molding, using of secrets of ancient masters in combination with advanced technologies, lets us to confirm, that our production has a high quality and is a real work of art. We can assert with certainty , that we have achieved the highest quality of bronze molding, beauty of designing and sonority of bells.

Колокола производства г.ВоронежКолокола производства г.Воронеж Колокола производства г.Воронеж

There are 3 kinds of bells according to their dimension and sounding: church bells, low-pitch bells, high-pitch bells. The first oft them are massive and sound like bass. Middle bells are named red bells for beauty of sounding. Their ringing corresponds the whole diapason of human voice. There were tenor, alto and baritone bells among them. The smallest bells-high-pitch bells rang like discant.

10 cast small belfries are always in stock. A belfry. Made in our foundry, consists of 3 зазвонных bells- 4kg, 8kg, 21 kg. Manipulating of triplet of high-pitch bells of a small belfry-is the most extended system of small bells’ ringing.

Освящение колоколов Освящение колоколов Колокола производства г.Воронеж

Low-pitch bells, which are offered by our foundry 32kg and 60 kg. In a bell set of 6 bells we offer a church bell, which is 155kg. In a bell set of 7 bells there are 2 church bells with weight of 155 kg and 250 kg

An optimal set for a small church consists of 5 bells.

By molding of a church bell set we offer to put memorable or donative inscriptions of almsgivers and images of their Saint patrons. You can listen to tone series of a small bell set by on buying. We offer a guarantee of 50 years. We have been working on bells’ molding for 20 years we achieved the high quality of sounding and harmonics of our bell sets. You can hear our bells in more than 200 temples in Russia and abroad in more than 34 districts in Russia.

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