The bell is one of the oldest musical instrument in the world. Unconditionally bells have their own peculiarities in different countries. In Russian the word “bell” is spoken like “kolokol”. The etymology of this word dates back to the Old Indian word “kalakalas”, that means “noise”, “shouts”. In Greek the word “kaleo” means “call”. The Roman Catholics said “kalare”, that meant “to assemble”.

Ringing of bells makes always the feeling of magic strength, wizardry and mystery. This impression is made not so much by clam as by clash of the bell. Bells, which played a certain role in Russian history have given occasion to many beautiful legends.

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A corona lucis is one of the oldest elements of apparel (рел) in an orthodox temple. It has a special status among church lamps, symbolizing the sephirothic tree. Coronas lucis are multilevel, they have a set of candles or icon lamps, coronas lucis are decorated with figures of angels or bible personalities, showing the real work of foundry art! The high destination of a corona lucis really inspires founders of the foundry "Pacification" to create magnificent church lamps which you can admire for hours!

The church chandelier is a big central chandelier – serves in the temple not only as a light source, but belongs also to the church adornment, gives solemnity to occurring actions during service, creates the holiday atmosphere. The church chandelier, created in the foundry "Pacification", impresses with its difficult design with rich finishing and a subtlety? fineness of molding! Only real masters keeping secrets of Russian foundry business, can make such a fine execution of a traditional element of church furniture! Foundry works individually with every customer, that allows to create church chandeliers with unique beauty.

Any orthodox temple always amazes people with its internal decor: icons in various casings, solemn coronas lucis under the dome …. Protections of the sanctuary platform which have been skillfully cast from bronze or brass draw attention too . Beauty of graceful protections of the solium can be compared to jewels! These elements of the temple steadily arrest the eye indeed. Every element of the temple has its functional value. The protection of the sanctuary platform separates church space for parishioners from a zone where only priests may step. Protections for the solium, made in the foundry "Pacification", continue the best traditions of molding of elements of church decoration, charming the eyes of believers by its beauty and skill of execution!

To light candles in temples is based on an ancient tradition. A candle is a small particle of light of Christ, dispersing spiritual gloom and disbelief. Of course candles are used in the temple not only during a prayer, but also as an additional light source. They are put in wall candlesticks, which appearance should be in harmony with other church lamps. The foundry "Pacification" makes candlesticks by the method of art molding, which are beautifully decorated, have various quantity of candles. Wall church candlesticks, cast in our foundry, become the best addition to the main sources of light in the temple!

A church bell is a symbol of time and belief. Along with crosses on domes, the bell is invariable attribute of any Russian church. The foundry "Pacification" casts church bells and the whole bell sets according to ancient canons of Russian molding. Our bells belong to the best in Russia! - they sing in many Russian temples, inviting believers to the service, reminding of church holidays, clearing surrounding space from all negative. Due to the tradition faces of Saints, prayer words in glory of Lord are cast on bells too.

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Small hand bells are cast in the foundry along with big church bells. A small bronze hand bell bears in itself the same charge of positive and salutary force, as a real bell. Being its tiny copy, the hand bell has an important advantage: it is always close at hand, curing of gloomy thoughts, direct one’s thoughts to praying. Faces of Saints are mold on small hand bells, that’s why they are the best gift for a believing person!


Some information about the history of using of bronze bells

People call often bells the music of the sky. First bells were similar with field flowers, they rang on the roofs of temples because of breath of the wind,which people took for breath of the highest forces. By the time Rus was baptized (988 A.D.) the priests of Byzantine directed not to ring bells, but to use a beater. That was a metal or wooden plate, which was mauled. But in the 17th century special Russian peal appeared; that was the tongue peal, when the clapper struck the cupola of the bell. Russian bell casting art become well-known abroad very soon.

A bell is one of the first musical instruments. But its using was various. Its pleasant melodious sounding defined it as a signal instrument. People hung bells on necks of grazing domestic animals, called household servants, bells announced coming of guests, showed the right way to strays, sounded the alarm, called soldiers together, praised the winners.

колокола Воронеж колокола Воронеж колокола Воронеж

колокола Воронеж фото звонницы колокола Воронеж

Table bells in houses and in community offices are mostly notable for variety. A cup-shaped body of a bell and its handhold-bolt could be very simple or be adorned with gorgeous decor, which character depended on the style spirit of the time. Some table bells became real artworks. A table bronze bell is an indication of rich Russian interior. This tradition came from the 19th century and now you have an opportunity to touch it by choosing of a bell by yourself. The table-bell was not only the instrument for calling of domestics. It was standing in the study of an official on the writing table and adorned everyday life of its owner. It can be chosen according to the style of the surrounding things, such as bronze of the study, a desk set, a candelabrum and furniture. The decoration of the bell can be strict or it can be designed with fantasy at will of the customer.

Artists and artisans draw their inspiration from the art of the past by calling into being of forgotten forms and ornaments. There are bells in Revival style, rococo style, baroque style, they can be adorned by the eastern and Russian national ornaments and motifs . A table bell can be designed according to the memorial genre, that means that it corresponds a model of a famous church bell. A bell of the instructive genre illustrates plots of fables and tales. Comic bells are founded as small bottles of wine, weights, sacks or even caps. The frivolous genre illustrates devils, maenads, amusing hunting sketches. It is possible to cast bells, which looke like statuettes of the Chinese, Russian bumpkins, peasant women. Each of such bells would be an excellent present, suiting for any case.

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