The bell is one of the oldest musical instrument in the world. Unconditionally bells have their own peculiarities in different countries. In Russian the word bell is spoken like kolokol. The etymology of this word dates back to the Old Indian word kalakalas, that means noise, shouts. In Greek the word kaleo means call. The Roman Catholics said kalare, that meant to assemble.

Ringing of bells makes always the feeling of magic strength, wizardry and mystery. This impression is made not so much by clam as by clash of the bell. Bells, which played a certain role in Russian history have given occasion to many beautiful legends.

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Church chandeliers

The history of church lamps begins in extreme antiquity during the era of early Christianity, when oil lamps and simple candlesticks illuminated ancient cave temples with their dim light. Gradually they became more and more difficult in form, getting also special, symbolical sense along with the initial function of lighting. So a church chandelier appeared today it is one of the main church lamps, symbolizing the image of Divine light.

Traditionally natural lighting is minimized in orthodox temples, there is always twilight in churches, dispersed by light of candles and church lamps, which are turned on during the church service. So only belief in God grants light in twilight of sinful human life: Light shines in darkness, and the darkness didn't embrace it. On Sundays and church holidays all lamps including church chandeliers are turned on in the temple, symbolizing an image of full gods light, which will be seen by all righteous persons in the Kingdom of Heaven. A church chandelier means the Heavenly Church, a set of its candles represent the people, who have been lit up by clemency of the Holy Spirit, who deeply believe in God. Therefore it is located in that part of the temple where, parishioners stay the meeting of the terrestrial church. The heavenly church grants light to the terrestrial church, dissolving the sin gloom. That is the symbolical sense of church chandeliers in the temple.

In old time church chandeliers were made of cast copper, forge iron, silver or tin. Tallow and wax candles were set on the metal hoop of a church chandelier. Church chandeliers could be One level or multilevel. Today a church chandelier is traditionally a magnificent church lamp with a set of circles. Their quantity isn't strictly regulated, as there is no also exact quantity of ranks of heavenly creatures which hierarchy symbolize stepped placement of rings of a church chandelier. Usually there are one, three, seven, nine or twelve circles.

Each church chandelier can claim a rank of work of art because all of them have a unique ornament by preservation of a general structure. Circles of a church chandelier are decorated with cast leaves, escapes and flowers, and also figures of Saints and apostles. Every element of an ornament has a sacral value therefore it should be made strictly according to an existing church canon. The main material for manufacturing of a church chandelier is bronze and other alloys of copper, crystal and natural stones are used in the ornament.

The church chandelier is suspended under the central dome of the temple. Circles of the church chandelier, made by a method of art molding, are strung on the core, there is a gold apple below, symbolizing a fruit of heavenly good fortune and wisdom. Such a structure of a church chandelier is defined by church canons though its constructive differences depend on degree of skill of manufacturers. Manufacturing of a church chandelier and other types of church lamps is great mastery, and at the same time a very difficult, laborious, long-term work, demanding exact knowledge and understanding of church symbolics.

Experts of the foundry workshop "Pacification" possess all necessary knowledge and an extensive experience of molding to create magnificent samples of church lamps church chandeliers. Often priests address to our masters for help in creation of a church chandelier with a unique design and beauty. Church chandeliers and other church lamps of our foundry cause steadily admiration by all our customers!