The bell is one of the oldest musical instrument in the world. Unconditionally bells have their own peculiarities in different countries. In Russian the word bell is spoken like kolokol. The etymology of this word dates back to the Old Indian word kalakalas, that means noise, shouts. In Greek the word kaleo means call. The Roman Catholics said kalare, that meant to assemble.

Ringing of bells makes always the feeling of magic strength, wizardry and mystery. This impression is made not so much by clam as by clash of the bell. Bells, which played a certain role in Russian history have given occasion to many beautiful legends.

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Some tips how to make your donations for bells

Nowadays its frequently said that we live in a "cynical" century, and real donators and patrons have died out long ago. And people even don't want to help each other, far from offering money for church bells. Certainly there is a grain of truth in these sad statements, but churches continue to be opened and restored presently, that means that somebody finds money for them, in particular for molding of bells. There are various ways of drawing attention of the public to collection of destinations for church bells:

Probably one of important actions is a poster placement with a description of demanded bells near a functional church or another one, which is in process of construction. It is also possible to place church mugs in various public places of the city. It will be pleasant for people to realize, that even endowing a small sum of money, they help for a good cause.

Not less important is information layout in different types of mass media. It will considerably increase number of people, who know about the problem of fund raising. You should not neglect also the Internet. Undoubtedly many people don't trust information placed there, but for even bigger amount? it is the unique news source.

Mass media can draw attention not only of individuals, but also of the regional government. And such an action will lift the problem and its decision on a new regional level and will achieve help not only from the simple people, but also from the government.

By applying for money it is necessary to formulate plain the donation purpose. So during a conversation with an eventual sponsor it is necessary to say that this money will be directly used for cast of bells. The reasoning of people can be really pragmatic, but they won't endow much money for holy business without the indication, which business is meant.

By choosing of an eventual patron or a sponsor, you can address to the people, who were born and have grown in the region of an arrangement of your church. They will help the temple of the small Homeland with more willingness.

By the way, people endow often for bells more willingly, than for other needs of the church. There is nothing bad in thanking of the patron, having immortalized his name on the bell: This bell is cast in 2011 A.D. by diligence and mean money of God's slave Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.

You shouldnt up in arms wish of great? patrons to know, what is their money used for. Providing such a financials reporting about the spent means, you discredit possible mistrust to clergy. Unfortunately nowadays such mistrust takes place and isn't always causeless.

Gain strength, believe in your purpose, and you will surely find funds for its implementation. Especially if this is such a good business, like bells molding in the church.