The bell is one of the oldest musical instrument in the world. Unconditionally bells have their own peculiarities in different countries. In Russian the word bell is spoken like kolokol. The etymology of this word dates back to the Old Indian word kalakalas, that means noise, shouts. In Greek the word kaleo means call. The Roman Catholics said kalare, that meant to assemble.

Ringing of bells makes always the feeling of magic strength, wizardry and mystery. This impression is made not so much by clam as by clash of the bell. Bells, which played a certain role in Russian history have given occasion to many beautiful legends.

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Ship bell with drawing

A ship bell can become an unforgettable gift for your chief or partner, friend or person you love as well as being an interesting souvenir for any firm. Each bell is unique and that is its extrinsic value. Such a gift as a ship symbol will both store and cultivate traditions from generation to generation. It will also bring you good luck and well-being.

Everyone knows that the best gift is a gift made with soul. In this case you can define individual drawing on the bell yourself.

Engraving is put on ship bells by a method of cut-off on metal (bronze). The process of manufacturing of an inscription takes 3 days!

We offer you possible options for different cases of life:

1. Orthodox bells
2. Business bells for official occasions
3. Funny bells
4. Poetic bells
5. Nominal bells
6. Bells for a special case (anniversary, professional, wedding)